frequently asked questions.

Below you find a collection of the most common questions we receive.

Where does the tour start?

All the tours start at the jetty in La Passe. Just look out for a crew member of Lizzy Boat. Meeting point is the Lizzy Boat sign at the roundabout in the city center at the opposite of the post office.

How many people fit on the boat?

Lizzy Boat Charter has two boats. One holds up to 10 passenger and 2 crew members and the other holds up to 17 passenger and 2 crew members. However we try not to fully book the tours for the comfort of each passenger.

When does the tour start?                                          

Every tour starts at 09:30 am at the jetty in La Passe. For private boat charter there is no fixed timing of course. Please be at 09:20 am at the Lizzy Boat Charter board in front of the exchange office at the roundabout in La Passe.

Can I pay with card?

Yes you can choose between card or cash payment. We accept both payments in Euro and Seychelles Rupee.

How much is the tour?

We charge 65 € pP for half day snorkeling, 125 € pP for full day snorkeling, 1.100 € per boat for full day fishing and private charter as well as private tour is upon request. Please have a look at tours for the detailed description of each offering.

Will the tour be canceled in case of bad weather?

Most of the time the weather is sunny and the sea is calm in Seychelles. If once the weather is not adequate we will postpone the tour. If it is raining we will postpone the tour. Especially if it is raining or too windy we will tell you in advance to postpone the tour.

Are there any dangerous animals in the water?

Generally said there are no dangerous animals in Seychelles. Hence we are in the wildlife snorkeling therefore paying respect to the animals in the sea is still important.

Will there be a strong current?

The season from May to October is considered as more rough than in the other half of the year. We pay attention to the current and take care of you.

Can I reschedule or cancel the tour?

If it is not possible for you to participate at the tour please let us know and we try to arrange a new date.                          

Do I need to know how to swim?

It is definitely a big advantage if you know how to swim. However it is also possible to join the tour being not so fit at swimming.

Will the weather be nice tomorrow?

Seychelles is in the tropics therefore the weather can change quickly between rain and sun. We cannot predict how the weather will be at your tour. On average we get 6,9 hours of sunshine a day so statistically it will be nice weather.

Do we go onto the islands we visit?

Depending the tour you choose we can also relax on the islands. If you book a full day tour or private charter we hang out at big sister island or some other islands you prefer like Curieuse. Half day snorkeling focuses more on seeing the underwater world around the islands. Most likely we do not go onto the islands however you will get a close look of them.

How many stops do we make at the snorkeling tours?

We stop at around 3 islands to do some snorkeling. The final tour is defined according to weather and currents. If you want to stop at some specific spot or stay a little bit longer for snorkeling then you just let us know and we do our best to adapt the tour.

How long can a sea turtle hold its breath?

Although turtles can hold their breath for 45 minutes to one hour during routine activity, they normally dive for 4-5 minutes and come to the surface to breath for a few seconds in between dives.

What is recommended to bring along on tour?

We recommend you to bring:

- snorkel and mask if you have
- bathing suits
- sun glasses
- sun screen
- towel

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Still questions?

Do not hesitate. We look forward to your questions. Just text us or give us a call.