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Indian Ocean.
also known as tropical warm pool.

The calm and crystal clear waters around La Digue offer many activities.

They are home to turtles, whales, stingrays, dolphins, sharks and the most colourful fishes.

Just take a snorkel and a mask with you to enter a whole new world.


sea turtle snorkeling Lizzy Boat Charter

half or full day snorkeling

Do you want to watch a turtle float elegantly through the water right in front of you?

Come with us on tour and enjoy either half day snorkeling or the full day experience with a BBQ on the beach of big sister island.

fishing Lizzy Boat Charter

big game fishing

Have you ever wondered how it feels to catch a blue marlin? Do you have a BBQ but no fish to grill?

In our free time we love to go fishing. That is why we know the best places to catch fishes like red snapper, tuna, grouper, and blue marlin.

Boat on snorkeling excursion Lizzy Boat Charter Seychelles La Digue Snorkeling fishing

private transfer

You don't feel like travelling between the inner islands by ferry? Maybe the ferry schedule doesn't fit your travel plan?

By private transfer you will reach the islands in privacy, comfort and on time of your personal schedule.

Boat heading to islands Lizzy Boat Charter Seychelles La Digue Snorkeling fishing

private charter

Do you want your own private tour to islands not everyone is going to?

Just tell us where an when you want to go and we take you there.

Around La Digue.

Enjoy a tour to the neighboring islands and explore the fascinating underwater life.
Due to weather conditions a change in the tour program may happen.


La Passe

We meet at the Lizzy Boat sign in La Passe. For the morning tour and full day snorkeling we meet at 09:20 am. For the afternoon tour we meet at 13:00 pm at the sign.


Small Sister Island

After a 15 minute crossing we reach Small Sister Island where we do our first snorkeling. We do not anchor here as there are many young corals growing. That is why we do a drifting snorkeling where the boat is following you.


Big Sister Island

Our second stop is Big Sister Island, perfect for a long reef snorkeling and the common spot to see sea turtles. If you booked the full day tour this is the place where you will have a delicious beach BBQ and enjoy some free time to relax on the remote island.


Cocos Island

We pass by Cocos Island to take some pictures. Due to El Niño many of the corals died here why snorkeling here is not a big thing anymore unfortunately.



Our last snorkeling stop is at Felicity. An island as big as La Digue but only inhabited of one hotel.


La Digue

After everybody has enjoyed the tour we go back to La Digue, where we started from.

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Coral Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
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We sponsor 1% of revenue for the ocean.

"1% for the ocean" is our initiative to protect the marine life in Seychelles. Since April 2023 we sponsor 1% of each tour revenue to MCSS to protect turtles and corals.

Book a tour with us and you automatically help us protect the ocean!

turtle Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Sponsor a

MCSS is undertaking a long-term sea turtle monitoring programme in the south of Mahé. By sponsoring a sea turtle, the donation will help fund the scientific research and educational outreach activities. MCSS has monitored sea turtle nesting activity on Mahé consistently.

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Coral Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Sponsor a

MCSS is implementing active coral reef restoration to propagate coral fragments in underwater nurseries. Upon reaching an adequate size, these corals are transplanted onto the reef for the rehabilitation of coral reefs that have been impacted by climate change.

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How does it work?

Of each booked tour we sponsor 1% of our yearly revenue to the turtle and coral sponsorship program of MCSS.

Why do oceans matter?

We live on a blue planet, with oceans covering more than 70% of the earth’s surface. But despite their importance, oceans are facing unprecedented threats as a result of human activity. No matter where we live, we all depend on a healthy ocean to survive and thrive, and safeguarding the ocean will help us secure a stable climate into the future.

Did you raise the price of the tours?

No. All the tour prices remained the same. You don’t pay more for the tour but we will sponsor 1 % of your payment for turtles and corals.

Which tours are included in 1% for the ocean?

All tours we offer are included in the 1% for the ocean initiative. It doesn’t matter which tour you book, if it is your second time joining the tour or if you are a kid or an adult, we will sponsor 1 % of your payment for turtles and corals.

When did you start with the initiative?

All tours since April 2023 are already part of the sponsorship program.

Who is MCSS?

The Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS) is an environmental non-governmental organization registered in Seychelles in 1997. MCSS has established itself as a key organization in Seychelles’ environmental sector and has two main initiatives which we are supporting with 1% for the ocean.

Can I also sponsor a turtle or a coral?

You can either book a tour with us and sponsor indirectly via us or you can also go to the website of MCSS (www.mcss.sc) and sponsor directly.

Marine Conservation
Society Seychelles

MCSS is an environmental non-governmental organization registered in Seychelles in 1997. We aim to support the ocean locally and due to the initiatives of MCSS it was a perfect fit right from the start.

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MCSS Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles

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Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Team Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles
Hatchling turtle Lizzy Boat Charter La Digue Seychelles

What people say.

Perfect experience, perfect tour guide!

"It was absolutely amazing with Nedy. He showed us some really good snorkeling spots and he was very charming the whole tour! Thanks again, we‘ll be back for sure"
testimonial picture of Jan

Amazing snorkeling experience

"Nedy was an excellent and passionate tour guide, perfect for our big family. He is very caring and made us feel in security for this amazing experience. He comes with you in the water, explains every island, the creole culture, I strongly recommend this tour with him."
Testimonial picture of Aylin

Best day we had in Seychelles!

"We had the best time with Nedy on the boat! We stopped at 4 different locations around La Digue and the islands around, it was absolutely great. We saw dolphins, many beautiful fish, rays, a huge school of Mackerels, turtles. Nedy is super professional and simply the nicest person"
Testimonial picture of Marc

Why Lizzy Boat?

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We care about you and nature. Your safety and to protect our nature is at our highest priority.
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We guide you underwater to show you the best coral reefs. So you can focus on the important things and enjoy watching the busy life underwater.
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Everyday we look out for new spots and animals we can show you. Even if we go out everyday, it never gets boring for us to hang out in the ocean.

Find us.

The meeting point for our tours is the Lizzy Boat sign in La Passe at the roundabout in the opposite of the tourist information.

Just go with the flow.
We show you how to do it.
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